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    Boot Camp

    Boot Camp

    Classes are open to men & women of all fitness levels. The class is a fun, high energy training session designed to take your fitness goals to the next level.  Designed for all fitness levels. A total body workout on the beautiful beaches of South Florida.

    Soho Beach House Miami

    Soho Beach House
    The South Beach Boot Camp

    This is a fun, safe workout that allows participants to challenge themselves and work as a team. Exercises are conducted as a group, then with partners team races and challenges to motivate everyone to work harder. A full body workout incorporating interval & circuit training using your own bodyweight along with, Kick Boxing, Calisthenics, and Yoga to obtain peak fitness condition. Viktoria and her team’s undeniable passion for fitness, determination, energy and commitment will motivate and inspire you.
    Burn Fat
    Tone & Sculpt
    Improve Flexibility & Coordination
    Increase Strength, Power & Speed
    Achieve your fitness goals, live a healthy and active lifestyle!


    Standard Spa
    The South Beach Boot Camp

    We also offer private group classes for Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays, and Corporate Wellness Events. For information on upcoming boot camp programs or to learn more about our services you can reach us at 305.794.6470 or email us at vtelek@gmail.com.

    Bachelorette Weekend  South Beach Boot Camp

    Bachelorette Weekend
    South Beach Boot Camp

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